Saronic gulf is a wonderful destination for your sailing getaway , cause its location and natural beauty. The reach ancient history , attracts also many tourists and sailors. You can choose between busy destinations or quieter bays . You wil be able to sail the mainland and islands in few hours. Enjoy the glamorous setting , unique architecture and romantic atmosphere , in cosmopolitan towns and sleepy fishing villages.


Cyclades islands is the most popular Greek island group in Greece. The Cyclades is an ideal summer destination for all types of travelers , from couples to groups of friends and families. The most popular islands are Santorini , Mykonos , Paros , Naxos ,  Milos and Amorgos.
Nevertheless , all Cyclades are beautiful and photogenic.
Cyclades are also famous for its minimal architecture , idyllic villages , beaches and enormous landscapes.
So , lets explore Cyclades islands